National Task Force in nutrient management

The National Task Force in nutrient management programe, 29th October, 2019 Link 


The presentations of the NTF meeting


László Aleksza: the NFÜ- KTIA project Link

Borbála Bíró: the FP7 BIOFECTOR project Link 

Edward Someus: the H2020 NUTRIMAN project Link

Zoltán Hajdu: the H2020 Nutri2Cycle project Link

József Hefler: Plant nutrition, changes according to 2019/1009 EC Regulation Link 

Ágota Horel: Land cultivation impact on GHG emissions Link

Bence Trugly: the H2020 RELACS project Link 


Pictures about the meeting Link


The EIP AGRI newsletter January 2020 give a short information on the Hungarian national task force in nutrient management Link 


ESNI (European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative) conference on the 27th October 2020. Registration here