National Task Force in nutrient management

In the frame of the H2020 Nutri2Cycle project the National Task Force in nutrient management is organised. The programe of the first meeting on the 29th October, 2019 is available Link 


The presentations of the NTF meeting


László Aleksza: the NFÜ- KTIA project Link

Borbála Bíró: the FP7 BIOFECTOR project Link 

Edward Someus: the H2020 NUTRIMAN project Link

Zoltán Hajdu: the H2020 Nutri2Cycle project Link

József Hefler: Plant nutrition, changes according to 2019/1009 EC Regulation Link 

Ágota Horel: Land cultivation impact on GHG emissions Link

Bence Trugly: the H2020 RELACS project Link 


Pictures about the meeting Link


The EIP AGRI newsletter January 2020 give a short information on the Hungarian national task force in nutrient management Link 


ESNI (European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative) conference on the 27th October 2020. Registration here


The National Task Force hold its second general meeting (online) on the 9th of November, 2022


The presentations of the online meeting:


Vince Láng ( Agridron Ltd.): Using the drones in the site specific fertilisation,

János Szalai (Agrosense Ltd.): The role of sensors in horticulture,

Zsófia Bakacsi (ATK TAKI): Climate resilient and sustainable soil management in the frame of the EJP SOIL Joint Programme,

Béla Pirkó (ATK TAKI): European initiatives in the sustainable nutrient management, presenting the TUDI project,

Katalin Szépkuthy (ÖMKI): Nutrient management projects and plans at ÖMKI, 

József Hefler (NÉBIH): The trade of the fertilizer products in the EU after the 16th of July, 2022,

Zoltán Tóth (MATE- Georgikon): Testing the organic sourced fertilizers in the frame of the H2020 Lex4bio project,

Tamás Szolnoki(Agrogeo Ltd.): The possibilities of using organic sourced fertilizers in precision farming,

experiments at the Granofarm EIP AGRI operational group,

Zoltán Hajdu (SOLTUB Ltd.): Results in the H2020 Nutri2Cycle project,


The presentations and the online programe is available at