About the company


SOLTUB Ltd. established in 1999 is a consulting company for partners working in agriculture and food industry. We offer services for producers, processors and traders in a strong co-operation with co-ordinators like universities, products councils, federations.
The main activities:
• consulting,
• research and development,
• publishing,
• engineerinng,
• adult education,
• data processing,
In the past the most succesful activities were consulting, publishing and project management.
In the future we intend to open new fields, like traceability and food safety for agricultural
products, the promotion of sustainable agriculture practices, project management in the 7th FP.


We are proud on our work, because we introduced for the first time in our country:

· the GM and non GM agricultural products identity preservation conditions in 2003.  The EU introduced later

on the GM products co- existence recommendations.

· the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) guidelines in 2004. On the request of the Ministry of Agriculture and

Rural Development (MARD) in 2008 we prepared the GAP guideline for consultants in agriculture,

· the EUREPGAP ( later one GLOBALGAP) quality assurance schemes for agriculture (field crops and

horticultural crops) in 2004. On the request of the standard owner (FoodPlus GmbH from Germany) we prepared the Hungarian translation of the horticultural crops standard 2nd version,

· the national and international research projects are available under the Projects link